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Why Small Business Owners Need Insurance Agents

You've worked hard to build your business. Long hours, sleepless nights, plenty of sweat and, yes, maybe a few tears, too. Like many small business owners, you want to build something to last and perhaps pass it on to the next generation.

Business insurance is one way to limit your risks and help ensure your business sticks around for the long term. But being insured may raise more questions, especially in uncertain times.

That's where an insurance agent for small business owners can make a difference. You might wonder do you need an insurance agent? The answer might surprise you.

Here's what to consider.

A Part of the Team

Think about all the people who help you run your business day to day with taxes, contracts and cash flow. Building a team of experts who can advise you is crucial to ensuring everything runs smoothly. An insurance agent is vital to that team, too.

If there's one thing being a small business owner has probably taught you, it's to prepare for the unexpected. Having an insurance agent focused on small businesses in your corner can make a huge difference to ensure you're getting the best advice about the types of insurance you might need.

Local Knowledge

No one knows your area better than the people who live there, right? You need to worry about plenty of outside factors beyond general business operations. For example, your business office might be in an area that's prone to flooding. That means you're going to have additional insurance concerns that other small business owners don't have to consider.

A local insurance agent knows about those small details because they also live and work in the area. They know the areas most prone to flooding, the intersections where accidents are likely to occur, and the specific regulations for your state. They'll understand some of your location-based concerns because they've worked with other small business owners who have similar needs.

More Than a Number

Customers are the lifeblood of your business—you know that. Your customers don't want to be treated like they are some anonymous number. The same goes for you in your business dealings. When you have a customer you know, you're more willing to make things work.

You want your banker, lawyer and insurance agent to look at you as more than just customer number 29,687. After all, you have needs that can't always easily fit into one box; you might need a bit more flexibility or specialized coverage. The companies that understand that will look at your needs on an individual case and work with you to come up with solutions that make sense.

Insurance Isn't Set It and Forget It

As your business grows and changes, so will your insurance needs. A great year could mean you need to revisit your policy and expand your coverage. While concerns about a down year might drive you to want to get a little more security. Each year, you'll want to take a good look at your policies and decide what to do from there.

It's hard to do that if you don't have someone who knows the business to discuss your concerns. Trying to figure out the best options for your needs can feel daunting when you are facing the unknown. However, being able to pick up the phone and chat with your agent about your business and if your policy needs to be re-adjusted can make all the difference.

If you are new to running your own business or just want to make sure your biggest risks are covered, reach out to a Westfield agent today to find the gaps in your coverage. Your perfect policy might be just a phone call away, 440-437-6162

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