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Who Could It Be This Time?


First give yourselves a pat on the back for making it through our first "Stay At Home" work week. We want to remind you that all of us at WGV Insurance are here for you via telephone and e-mail during these trying times. Things are so serious right not we decided to try and lighten your mood for a minute and run another "Guess The WGV Team Member!" We've asked one of our team five fun facts. Please read their answers below and guess who it may be in comments. We will reveal the answer on Monday!

1. What movie title describes your life story? IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE 2. Favorite ice cream flavor? CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER 3. What is one thing still on your bucket list? GO OUT WEST 4. Where you rebel, rock, jock or teacher’s pet in school? ALL OF THE ABOVE! 5. One thing that you would love to have a lifetime supply of? MONEY $$$$!!

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