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Shaping Our Future, One Child At A Time!

Being a small local business, we are blessed with many opportunities. None of them as important though as helping shape the future of our children. Pictured below is Agent Jessica Paulic helping Grand Valley students make wise financial decisions when it comes to purchasing home, auto and life insurance at GV Middle School's Reality Day which was held on February 13. At Reality Day, Grand Valley 8th Graders pick a career and are assigned an income based on their career choices. From there they randomly draw a card which tells them how large of a family the have. They must then visit different booths representing various expenses of life like home ownership, vehicle purchasing, insurance, entertainment, childcare etc. The goal is to teach the children that their education plays a very important role in their choices down the road. Working with the students in this atmosphere is truly a lot of fun and it gives us the opportunity to make a difference in their lives! We look forward to this event every year and are appreciative of being invited back year after year!

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