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Memorial Day Weekend, The Unofficial Beginning of Summer!

It's Memorial Day weekend and that means that we have FINALLY made it through another Ohio winter! Now to celebrate! Memorial Day weekend is undeniably one of the biggest weekends of the year. We are done with being cooped up inside and are ready to enjoy some outdoor fun. With that being said, lets start summer off on a good note and keep in mind the following safety reminders.


1. Are you taking the boat out for the first time? Put that life jacket on! And while you are at it slather on that sunscreen too!

2. Planning on taking the motorcycle out? Please put on your helmet and make sure your headlight is always on while riding.

3. Having a cookout? Make sure to give your grill a good inspection before firing it up for the first time. Make sure it's clean and there is no old grease in the bottom. Also, please check for critters as they like to take up residence in your grill during the winter months!

4. Going camping? Be sure to camp at a reputable campground and be aware of your surroundings especially if you will be camping with young children. Also, please use caution when burning a campfire. Keep it contained within a fire pit or ring.

5. Planning your first day at the pool or lake? If you plan on swimming in public pools or beaches please choose on that has a lifeguard on duty. Keep little ones in life jackets and never leave them unattended. Use caution when climbing in and out of the pool and when climbing stairs for slides as they can be very slippery. Make sure to use a lot of sunscreen. It is very safe to say that everyone is at risk for sunburn after 6 months of not seeing sun!!

6. Last but not least....this is an important one.....HAVE FUN! Enjoy your time this weekend whether you spend it with friends, stay at home planting your garden and catching up on home projects or travel for a little weekend getaway. And please most importantly, catch a parade or a memorial service at some point to honor our fallen soldiers. They are the real reason we have Memorial Day and the opportunity to celebrate it.

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