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Inventory Time!

New Year, New You! We like to think of the new year as a fresh start...we have a fresh clean slate with nothing to do but improve upon last year! So here is your first big task to start off the new year. Complete your home inventory! Yuck, we said it....INVENTORY! Whether it's at work or at home it's safe to say that most of us cringe at the word! Home inventory is so important though. If you were prompted to give a detailed list of your personal belongings in your home could you do it? The reality though is that in the event of a fire or other disaster you will need to do just that. Home inventory does not have to be overwhelming though. Check out the link below for helpful tips on how to get your home inventory completed without losing your mind! You will also learn how helpful technology is in aiding you with creating your home inventory! Already have an inventory? Make it a goal to review and update it every January.

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