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Fire Safety For Kids....What You Need To Do....TODAY!

As we continue through our Fire Safety and Prevention Week we ask that you take a moment to read this article (link below) and share the information with all members of your household, including children. Fires are very scary for all but especially for children. What's worse yet is if a fire breaks out at night it's going to be dark and children are going to be alone in their rooms, likely causing them to be even more scared. Make a commitment TODAY to make an escape plane, educate your children about the plan and practice it regularly. The more often they do it the less likely they are to forget the plan or freeze up in fear if a fire actually happens in your home. Lastly, teach your children to NOT be afraid of fire fighters. To young children fire fighters can look scary in all of their equipment. Remind your child that it is just gear and it is there to keep them safe. Teach them that there is nothing about a firefighter to be fearful of.

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