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Baby It's HOT Outside!

Mother Nature has turned the temperature up and we are about to see the hottest temps we've had all summer! With temperatures in the high 90's and heat indices near 120 degrees we will all need to take extra care while out and about the next few days. Air quality will be extremely poor so please car pool if possible, refuel your car after the sun sets and hold off on mowing your lawn if at all possible.

Do you have elderly neighbors without air conditioning? Now would be a perfect time to invite them over for lunch and even dinner. Perhaps even invite them to stay if you have the extra space in your home. If they are home bound and not able to join you, at the very least make sure that they have plenty of cool water to drink and if you have any fans laying around that you are not using take those over to them as well. Check on them regularly and get help immediately if they show any signs of heat stroke. Wondering what the signs of heat stroke are? We are glad you asked. Heat stroke happens when a person's core body temperature reaches 104 degrees Fahrenheit. A person will exhibit many of the following symptoms:

1. throbbing headache

2. feeling light headed

3. muscle weakness

4. cramps, nausea and vomiting

5. rapid heartbeat ( may be strong or weak)

6. confusion, disorientation and staggering

7. seizures

Please do not ignore any of theses signs if they present in you or anyone you may be around. Call 911 immediatley and get them to a cool place.

What about your pets? Please hold off on taking Fido for that daily stroll for a few days or if Fido absolutely must go for a walk wait until the sun sets to do so. It will be much more enjoyable for him and for you. If you have pets that live outdoors please consider bringing them in if at all possible. Can't bring your pets indoors? Then please be sure to check on them regularly, make sure you frequently fill up their water dishes and be sure to provide them with a nice shady spot to keep cool.

Looking for something fun to do while beating the heat? Take advantage of your local pools, beaches and splash parks. While doing so be sure to use lots of sunscreen and apply it regularly. Keep hydrated and pay special attention to little ones as they can dehydrate twice as quickly as an adult. Wear your hat to provide shade and remember the signs of a heat stroke.

Lastly, enjoy summer while it is here! We finally made it through weeks and weeks of non stop rain and we certainly deserve to have fun while the sun shines! Be safe and have a great upcoming weekend!

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